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"Many women attribute vaginal itching, odor and irritation to poor hygiene when in fact there are so many other contributing factors. The imbalances that we are experiencing are actually often caused by daily life events such as our period, sex, poor diet, lack of exercise and stress. These 5 things significantly impact our vaginal health and I think more women need education surrounding these. The ill effects of pH imbalance are not things that women should be ashamed of but we should support each other to reach optimal pH balance. We also need the support of our partners and need to feel comfortable expressing that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Our partners also need to acknowledge that they are contributing to the problem with poor lifestyle habits as well. We all need a change and I think it’s the perfect time of year to do that! Our company focuses on empowering women with the knowledge and tools to heal their gut (the root cause of pH imbalances) while also seeking to break the stigma surrounding vaginal health. - Nia Spicer, RN"
5 Surprising Thing That Impact Your Vaginal Health
The Vagina Blog - February 18, 2019
"I had suffered in silence for years and just couldn’t wrap my mind around why there still wasn’t a solution to such common women’s health issues. After years of reading and studying, and trying things out that were supported by the research, pHembiotics was born. We created pHembiotics™, a women’s health company completely devoted to vaginal pH balance that offers natural alternatives to optimize vaginal health and pH balance. pHembiotics™ products are formulated with women in mind hoping to help regain confidence, restore relationships and mend broken spirits. We strive to bring you sustainable solutions that work! There are 21 million women suffering with chronic BV, Yeast Infections & UTIs. Not if I can help it! I’m using my experience with BV, Yeast infections, and UTIs to help other women. - Nia Spicer, RN"
Meet pHembiotics CEO
Voyage Miami - January 31, 2019
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"I absolutely love this product! I’m on my 2nd bottle now, & it works wonders. By week 3 I noticed a huge difference. My cycle was lighter this month (bottle #2) & I had NO CRAMPS at all. I’m one of the ones who’s pH gets throwed off from intercourse, my period, using certain soap, the list goes on. I’ve been prescribed RX after Rx & now that I’ve been taking pHembiotics I am longer having any issues I was having every month. & having to go to the Gyno, paying for Rx’s & all of the mess that comes with getting rid of the problems. I highly recommend you try this!! This is what I call magic in a bottle"
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"I’m telling everyone about this because it’s a miracle pill! I was getting frequent UTIs after periods and sometimes after sex. I took so many rounds of antibiotics this year that it threw off my GI system and my pH. I saw a specialist who recommended a slew of supplements and probiotics. I felt like the probiotics didn’t really help and I was taking so many pills. I love that pHembiotics is an all-in-one pill. It’s way better than taking ten things and I know that it works! The probiotic strains are specific to vaginal issues and I haven’t gotten a UTI since. I’ve also noticed an immediate difference in my discharge. I drink the vetox tea and take the supplement daily; when I feel like my pH is off, I’ll take two of the supplements and that seems to work very well for me. I love love love this product and I’m a customer for life! Finally something that works!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I have had my share of UTI's, yeast infections and IBS. So I started taking over the counter probiotics however it didn't compare to phembiotics. I loved the all in one natural ingredients, the fact I only had to take one capsule (not always daily) and noticed I wasn't bloating as much!!! It gives you a clean healthy feeling. I appreciate the creators for such a product and hope it touches other women as it has for me"
Nia Spicer
CEO/Founder, 561.223.9161
Nia is a registered nurse with experience in women's health, public health and the field of labor & delivery. She is the founder and creator of pHembiotics and is passionate about helping women through every stage of the lifespan.
Non-Profit Organization
pHembiotics has committed to donate 10% of our vaginal health support profit to The Pastoralist Child Foundation which seeks to end the practice of Female Genital Mutilation and provide support for young girls education in Kenya.
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